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Shaligram infotech famous  Asset Management Application Software Development Company . Our quality Management Application code answer enclosed Integrated applications modules net application  mobile App, support bar code QR code scanning by any android/ iOS device. Quickly update your stock and standing, directly into your application, categories qualities with asset sort. Customization quality attributes,support bulk insert for fast and simple import multiple assert, Total quality valuation and current value of quality.Graphical illustration for varied data point analysis, data point Reports Historical details for analysis, Application Role & rights management, application configuration.

We have a tendency tob Server :Node server & categorical JS, programing language :Angular JS, Jquery, development Tool Visual Studio 2015 - Ionic framework, Robomongo, information :MongoDB. Shaligram infotech quality management system software system  module is powerful and versatile. additionally to coming into commonplace info, you'll came upon user-defined fields for all qualities associated specifications by quality sort all components related to an asset, all procedures related to associate quality,Schedules came upon for associate quality, book accounts, quality standing and site amendment, continual and non-work order connected prices,Codes, Warranties, Meter readings, attachments, Comments.Asset Management Application Software System Development Company provide different services like application development , net portal development, application migration modernization, application support and maintenance, software system testing and quality assurance .

Asset Management application software development advantage enclosed  budgeting, best-fit licensing, scale back security risk, Integrates with alternative managed services, Connect with barcode readers to update the quality audit info, give alert on maintenance schedule,record and update the people that have custody of the quality at any purpose of your time, Asset Management Application Software Development Company track depreciation on fastened assets,connect with mobile devices, give associate thoroughgoing list of quality disposal choices, together with recycle and deployment, resell, and recycle,connect with network motor vehicle discovery tools to perpetually reconcile with quality inventory information, record the asset’s physical info, e.g. model, serial range, specs, manufacturer, increase potency, maintain knowledge integrity, contour communication and guarantee compliance.


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